Hiking Trails - Hocking Hills State Park

Hocking Hills State Park Trail and Info


Hocking Hills State Park offers over 25 miles of trails to hike. Because of the huge number of cliffs (many of them are not easily seen until you are right nearly over the edge), the park has a strictly enforced trail law-all hikers must remain on designated trails at all times.Before you hike with your kids, make sure they understand they need to stay on the trail! Look for the signs at the beginning of the trails for warnings and always keep a good eye on your children.

There are six major hiking trail areas in Hocking Hills State Park-Ash Cave, Cedar Falls, Old Man's Cave, Conkle's Hollow, Rock House and Cantwell Cliffs. From rugged to stroller-accessible, each trail is unique and characteristic.  Hocking Hills State Park Hiking Trails are noted below.







The the main trails consist of the following. Simply click on the trail name for more info:

Ash Cave - Largest recess cave in Ohio. Large Waterfall.

Cedar Falls - Hemlock-lined trail and waterfall.

Old Man's Cave - Waterfalls and hemlocks.

Conkle's Hollow - Panoramic Views above and handicap-accessible trail below.

Cantwell Cliffs - Scenic views and rock formations

Rock House - Large cave and rock formations.

Whispering Cave - Near dining lodge.

Just click on the trail name above for more information about the trail.Each of these trails offer hikers different scenes and settings. Some are easily traversed by pets and others are not. You know your own and your pet's limitations best, so we do not specifically recommend any trail.  As always, use caution when hiking with your pet and stay away from dangerous areas like cliffs and rock faces.


Hocking Hills State Park Map